Shakespeare in America

Celebrating Shakespeare in America Since 1607

“When English colonists sailed to the New World, they brought only their most precious and essential possessions … including the works of Shakespeare.”

The Tempest

Shakespeare’s play The Tempest (1611) portrays relations between a native girl and young Captain was based on the story of John Smith, Pocahontas and the stormy shipwreck on route to Jamestown.

Captain John Smith

William Strachey’s A True Reportory of the Wracke and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates, Knight, an eyewitness report of the real-life shipwreck of the Sea Venture in 1609 on the island of Bermuda while sailing towards Virginia, is considered by most critics to be one of Shakespeare’s primary sources because of certain verbal, plot and thematic similarities.[7] @ wikipedia.

American Princess Pocahontas

1607 — 1616

By 1610 population of European descent in Jamestown was about 350 people. By 1616 when William Shakespeare passed away; his literary works were established in the history, culture and social fabric of the New World America.

1617 — 1967

Since 1617 the Works of Shakespeare were shared as books, echoed by storytellers and staged as performances that reached every County and State in America. Shakespeare studies, considered an essential experience, were included across the curriculum in schools across America (and the world).

By 1967 America grew to over 200 million people, most familiar with Shakespeare writings. During this period developments in print, sound and movie technology improved access to Shakespeare media.

1968 — 2022

The World population is over seven billion people in 2018. Estimates find America’s population around 350 million.

Extraordinary multimedia technology provides access to Shakespeare through digital, Internet and wireless technology.

By 2011 SSA acquired the Domain Name of ShakespeareAmerica.Org then filed to do business as ShakespeareAmerica™ to help expand outreach of SSA Programs, Products and Services … Celebrating Shakespeare in America Since 1607

In 2022, People in every County and State in America are familiar with works said to be written by William Shakespeare.