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For over 50 years Shakespeare Stakeholders Like You have donated Shakespearean busts, sculptures, ceramics, artwork, books and more; helping The Shakespeare Society of America to sustain Public Benefit Programs that inspire education and personal development through the Works of William Shakespeare relating to history, culture, literature, theatre and art in America!

Protecting and Preserving Artifacts

The Demcheck Collection is a new feature at the New Shakespeare Sanctuary. Manager of the Demcheck Estate needed a place where Shakespeare Artifacts might be preserved and appreciated. He found and contacted SSA.

SSA Administrators are already protecting and preserving extraordinary assets at the New Shakespeare Sanctuary featuring over 10,000 artifacts in the SSA Collection of rare and reference books; museum and memorabilia; visual art; and theatre arts archive. Since 2008 over 25,000 visitors from 150 countries and territories have visited the New Shakespeare Sanctuary..

SSA agreed to receive items from the Demcheck Collection and from November 2018 to May 2019, over 300 items in 60 categories of Shakespearean Artifacts arrived. Guests are thrilled to see the Demcheck Collection as a new feature of the SSA Collection.
Many ASSETS in the SSA Collection were Donated to SSA from 1967 to 2006 before relocation from Southern California brought items to the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing in 2008. Since then over 500 books and dozens of artifacts have been donated for display, public program use or resale in the gift shop. And then came the Demcheck Collection…

Variety of small Shakespeare Busts from Demcheck

Memorabilia Donated to SSA from the Demcheck Estate

Decorative containers from the Demcheck Collection

Sample of Royal Doulton Dishware from Demcheck

Please contact SSA if you wish to Donate Your Treasures for Public Benefit Use

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