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William Shakespeare wrote about the New World Americas as early as 1594:
Some believe John Smith came to Jamestown in 1607 with works of Shakespeare in hand …

2012. Shakespeare in American Communities: “When the English colonists sailed for the New World, they brought only their most precious and essential possessions … including the works of William Shakespeare.” … “Shakespeare has played a defining role in American culture. Today he remains America’s most widely produced playwright—performed in theaters, on film, in schools, at festivals, and read in millions of homes across the country.”

Academics note Bermuda Islands were the setting for Shakespeare’s play TEMPEST; characters shipwrecked on a mythical isle. The play nearly reports the Sea Venture that wrecked in the region in 1606.

From 1976 to 1979 Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) staged 38 Shakespeare plays in a row ending with TEMPEST, in a replica of Shakespeare’s 1599 Globe Theatre. TEMPEST research indicated John Smith taught Pocahontas English using Shakespeare and the BIBLE. She later saved Smith’s life.

The SSA Mission is to provide Public Benefit Programs which inspire education and personal development through the Works of William Shakespeare relating to history, culture, literature, theatre and art in America.

September 2008 the SSA relocated to the ‘New Shakespeare Sanctuary’ in Moss Landing, California.
A man came to shop. He bought a blue fish display. We had to reorder. He wanted another one.
His name was John Smith! He and his father built a boat: POCAHONTAS . . .

How many goodly creatures are there here … how beauteous mankind is!
O brave new world … that has such people in’t.
Tempest Act V Scene I, ll
by William Shakespeare 1611

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