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New Shakespeare Sanctuary Exploration For All Ages

Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) relocated to the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing, California in 2008 with the SSA Collection rescued from the Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood after 35 years of public programs. Since 2010 over 40 field trip groups have come to explore the New Shakespeare Sanctuary


Exploration starts with participants taking a slow single file tour through the aisles of the New Shakespeare Sanctuary to preview the SSA Collection on the way to seating. Once introduced to the Shakespeare Society of America, the Rare Book and Reference Library; Museum & Memorabilia; Visual Art; and Theatre and Performing Arts artifacts, a brief summary of the Life and Works of Shakespeare is offered.

During the introduction and summary steps, participants are encouraged to enter the SSA Costume Zone and dress up in costumes, adding scarves, head wear (crown, hat and jester cap) and props before getting back in their seats until everyone who wants to wear costumes or accessories has their turn and is seated.

2016 Student Field Trip Skit

2016 Front Porch Photo Op


Based on previously determined instructor guidelines, specific curriculum needs or prepared material … attendees perform skits, do individual or group readings, maybe even improvisation featuring Shakespeare Plays, Characters or Life in the 1600s.

Before returning items to the SSA Costume Zone we recommend documenting Shakespeare Field Trips with a Group Photo on the Front Porch of the New Shakespeare Sanctuary.


90 Minutes
Cost per Person = $10.00
Groups up to 30

Student Programs
Cost per Student = $10
Maximum Student Group of 30
Require a Minimum of 2 Adults
Teacher, Assistant and/or Parent – No Charge

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