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New Shakespeare Sanctuary will be closed on Sunday July 28 as we participate in the Moss Landing 52nd Annual Street Fair.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Provide Public Benefit Programs that Inspire Education and Personal Development through the Works of William Shakespeare relating to History, Culture, Literature, Theatre and Art in America.


Since 2008, Programs have been presented at the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing, California.

Our Shakespeare Collection

SSA Administrators are custodians of these extraordinary assets collectively known as the “SSA Collection“.

The Store

Explore our variety of use books, rare books, posters, flyers, prints and more. Purchase in person or online.

Artifacts in the SSA Collection

Visitors from 153 Countries and Territories

Field Trips Since 2010

About Shakespeare Society Of America

Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) became a California Non-Profit Corporation in 1968 and IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in 1969 in west Los Angeles. By 1972 SSA became stage-centric at the Globe Playhouse operating until 2006 extraordinary events gave SSA Administrators 45 days to evacuate the building after 35 years. By September 2008 the SSA relocated to the Monterey Bay Area in Moss Landing, California. Here the New Shakespeare Sanctuary served over 30,000 guests from 150 countries and territories.

SSA Administrators preserved a wide variety of Assets consisting of a rare book and reference collection (3,000 + books); museum and memorabilia collection (1,000 + items); visual art collection (1,000 + items); and theatre artifacts (10,000 + items) consisting of playbills, posters, media reviews, photos and more. These diverse Assets are collectively known as the “SSA Collection”.

Shakespeare Society of America

More About SSA

Since 2010, over 40 Field Trips have come to the New Shakespeare Sanctuary. Participants were from age 5 to 90 years old. Guests can wear costumes with accessories, do readings and use props to act out prepared or improvisational verse.

The Gift Shop at the New Shakespeare Sanctuary has developed from a few items for sale, to hundreds of things now including: Greeting Cards, New and Used Books, Shakespeare Collectibles, Teaching Materials, and More …

Since 2007 SSA Administrators have been compelled to acquire and harness technology to enhance ongoing public benefit programs, and establish a respectable online presence; content, e-commerce, donation and membership channels.

Computers, equipment, applications, and online services evolve faster than imagined. Yet SSA Administrators are committed to creating comprehensive Digital Operations and Programs.