As a California Public Benefit Corporation since 1968, Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) has been uniquely qualified to provide Public Benefit Programs. Programs in Southern California until 2006 included sponsorship, promotions, hosting, presentations and theatrical performances for the general public, scholars, students, festivities, film & TV, lectures and panel discussions. SSA programs also served the deaf, blind, physically disabled, Seniors and US Veterans.

Since 2008, Programs have been presented at the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing, California. Daily Tours have been given to an estimated 35,000 guests from 150 countries and territories since 2008.

Any Age Field Trips

Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) relocated to the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing, California in 2008 with the SSA Collection rescued from the Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood after 35 years of public programs. Since 2010 over 40 field trip groups have come to experience the New Shakespeare Sanctuary.

SSA Media Management

Digital Age without a stage … evolution of SSA on the World Wide Web

  • Print: SSA has been featured in Print Media since 1967
  • Photos have been taken since 1967
  • Television: SSA has had Television Reports done on programs, products and services since 1972
  • Social Media: The experience of SSA and Social Media
  • Testimonials … By any other name