The SSA Collection

SSA Administrators are custodians of these extraordinary assets collectively known as the “SSA Collection”

  • A rare and reference books (3,000+ items)
  • Museum and memorabilia (1,000+ items)
  • Visual art collection (1,000+ items)
  • Theatre arts archive (10,000+ items)

Many items in the SSA Collection were donated by members and stakeholders from 1967 to 2007 in Southern California when relocation brought items to the New Shakespeare Sanctuary in Moss Landing. Since 2008, over 500 books and hundreds of artifacts have been donated for display and for public program use.

SSA Artwork

The SSA Collection holds a wide variety of Artwork Assets

Copper Plate Engraved Prints from 1780s to 1850s depicting Shakespeare, Play Scenes and Characters, Paintings, Drawings, Posters, and Original Artworks.

SSA Rare Books

The SSA Collection holds a variety of hundreds of Rare Books

The SSA Collection includes many rare book editions of the complete Works of Shakespeare. For centuries, Publishers have reprinted the complete Works of Shakespeare, Shakespeare Sonnets and Shakespeare’s Apochrypha. In addition, the SSA Collection includes: writings by Shakespeare’s Contemporaries; other books expound on Shakespeare’s Influence; with Science, Religion and Philosophy publications, that accompany books on Man, Nature, Culture and World History.

Reference Books

There Are Over Two Thousand of Reference Books in the SSA

There are over 30 different publishers’ editions of the Works of William Shakespeare in the SSA Collection printed after 1800. Many of these may be considered Rare Books but visitors emphasize the extraordinary value they provide for reference too.


  • England, Elizabethan and English History
  • Theatres and Playhouses
  • Shakespeare’s Contemporaries
  • Playwriting, Directing and Acting

SSA Memorabilia

The SSA Collection holds a wide variety of Memorabilia

There are over 1,000 Memorabilia artifacts in the SSA Collection donated, created or otherwise acquired between 1968 and 2006 when contents of the Globe Playhouse were relocated to the Monterey Bay Area. Since then many more items have been donated or acquired and added to the SSA Collection of Assets.

Props, costumes, playbills, posters, buttons, coins, and medals of all sorts were created and used in the production of plays at the Mansion and the Globe Playhouse.

    SSA Museum Collection

    The SSA Collection holds a variety of Museum Assets: Shakespeare Busts, Globe Theater Replicas, Sculptures, Furniture, Coins and Medals

    The International Council of Museums Statutes defines Museums as non-profit permanent institutions in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits tangible and intangible heritage of humanity for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment.

    Museum Items in the SSA Collection represent a remarkable variety of materials, designs, craft work and creativity depicting Shakespeare, Shakespeare Characters, and Scenes from Shakespeare Plays.

    Shakespearean Ephemera

    The SSA Collection features Shakespearean Ephemera

    • Theatre Playbills dating from 1700s
    • Shakespeare Buttons