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Some Middle-Schools, High-Schools and Colleges have Non-profit Community Service Graduation Requirements.

Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) has been a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Educational Organization since 1969 and is uniquely qualified local students needing service hours to meet their Non-profit Community Service Graduation Requirements.

Community Service Project – Digital Image Capture

Community Service Efforts

You can help preserve and promote Shakespeare with hands-on experience and/or digital technology: transform 16th Century subjects and objects (+ more) into Social and Cultural Art while you receive Community Service credit.

ASSETS The SSA Collection consists of a rare book and reference library, museum and memorabilia collection, visual art collection, and theatre arts collection.

Students may interact with the general public during their work time here. By accepting this community service opportunity Students agree to act with the highest levels of integrity representing the SSA.

Supervised Community Service can be scheduled once details are confirmed and agreed upon.

Shakespeare Society of America

Shakespeare Society of America (SSA) California Non-Profit Corporation since 1968
Federal ID Number 95-2576354 • 501(c)(3) Educational Organization since 1969

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